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Karma Cleanser

Dear readers: OK, we lied. Last week, we blessed you with our favorite answers to the dilemma put forth by "Clueless," the guy who was questioning his role in the universe after being laid off from work. We said that we'd return to the normal round of sins and slurs this week, but Clueless letters just kept pouring in.

Here's a round-up of a few more reader insights into the plight du jour. Next week, back to the normal oracle. And this time, we mean it. -- The Karma Cleanser

Dear Clueless:
Let's keep it in perspective. So you got laid off. Join the friggin' club! Everyone but Bill Gates and Mike Tyson's lawyers are in a state of job insecurity.

The bottom line is that life is not a finish line. It is a constant state of change, good and bad. You have the choice to work through the rough patches or take the wimp ass "woe is me" approach, which will never suit you in the long run. You may be "clueless" but ultimately, I think you're courageous as well. -- Reality bites

Dear Clueless:
Move to Iraq. We're all doing it -- the hundreds of thousands of us Americans who don't have jobs anymore. America's schools are being forced to increase class sizes and cut programs, and more and more of us are uninsured, but Bush's neo-conservatives are building schools and bringing free medicine to the country we just wrecked. And while there are no jobs here in America unless you're a collections agent, a soldier, an Internet porn star or the designer of surveillance equipment (perhaps working in tandem with a porn star), economic development has been promised to Iraq.

It might be depressing to think about, but at least you won't have to worry about terrorists. -- Bitter ex-pat

Dear Clueless:
Here's a clue: Start looking for clues. We suspect in your case, the door to the cage has long been left open and the attendants hope you will eventually notice that no one's feeding you, and will come out. There's a whole room out here that's waiting to be explored. Most likely your God, or Somebody, wants you to stop simply trying to work and simply try to learn more about who you are.

Writing to the Karma Cleanser indicates your intelligence.

Life is calling you to grow and express something of yourself which you're currently unaware. Submit to the process, especially since you're not too busy, and give thanks for it.-- Listen upBeen bad?

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