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Karma Cleanser

Dear Karma Cleanser:I'd lived in the same city five years with no problems when my bad car karma began. It started when my innocent little compact was sitting in a parking lot and was smashed by a gas-guzzling Camaro. Later, my new car was involved in an interstate pile-up.

I was the victim "til I backed into a car last weekend. I know I should have stopped, I should have left a note, I should have done a lot of things. Now I keep looking over my shoulder thinking that something bad will begin again. Will the car karma ever stop?-- Driving Me Mad

Sadly, no. As long as you're driving, that big wheel of roadside retribution will keep on turnin'. Often car karma makes no sense in the short run, but on the long road of life, all those fender-benders will eventually be smoothed out. Unfortunately, your recent bump-and-run doesn't bode well for the future. We're not suggesting mass transit or anything as radical as that, but you might want to watch your back ... via rearview mirror.

Dear Karma Cleanser:When my mother-in-law (my husband's mom) comes to our house to visit, she stays in our guest bedroom, which has its own bathroom. I can't prove anything, but I think she steals soap and other personal supplies from us during each visit. I've just noticed that the stock of supplies in the guest bathroom always appears to diminish after her visits. (She comes to see us maybe once every two months.)

I'm afraid to tell my husband about this because in the past I haven't exactly gotten along great with his mother. No surprise here, but he tends to take her side in every argument. We've been doing better since the kids were born. I don't want to make anyone mad or create some bad karma for myself here by making a false accusation and causing a family disturbance, but I want to get this situation out into the open. Should I tell my husband about his mother's behavior? Or, even worse, confront her about it?-- Soap Dish Detective

Since you have no hard proof that mom's got sticky fingers, you'd best keep quiet about your suspicions. Airing them will only seem like petty finger-pointing. But the next time she comes to town, ration out the guest bathroom's beauty supplies and take count again later -- just for your own peace of mind. Even if some stuff does turn up missing, isn't it worth the cost of a bar of soap to keep the household air clean?

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