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Karma Cleanser

Dear Karma Cleanser:
My roommate's toothbrush is way too big for the toothbrush holder, and he just props it up precariously in the little holder hole. The problem is, I always knock his toothbrush over -- onto the floor, into the toilet, into my makeup -- trying to get mine out of the holder. So I have to wash the damn toothbrush off all the time. Well, I've had enough. I told him his toothbrush has been in some very bad places and even offered to buy him one that fits the holder. But he says he likes his toothbrush. I feel I have given him fair warning. Now when I knock his toothbrush onto the grungy floor, I still pick it up, but I don't wash it off. Is my karma clean?


Your karma is only as clean as the bathroom floor. Why should your roommate bend his toothbrush preferences to your demands? If he's happy with an oversized toothbrush, so be it. You've warned him that the brush sometimes ends up in unexpected places, so it's now his prerogative to remedy that problem. However, for the sake of civility, don't stop washing the grunge off when you drop it. That's just disgusting.

Dear Karma Cleanser:
A friend of mine has a married "sugar daddy" who spends lots and lots of money on her. I find the whole set-up pretty repulsive and I tell them so. They think it's funny and "cute" that I am so disgusted by their "sophisticated" arrangement. We're all still chummy and they continue to invite me to places, nice places. I sure do like a good meal and drinks, and I like my friend and her sugar daddy -- even though I think what they're doing is bad news. Am I a hypocrite if I go out with them? Or am I being honest about what I think they're doing but then not holding it against them?


Yes, you're being a hypocrite. Either take a stand or don't. If you find their relationship morally repulsive, stop drinking their wine and kindly excuse yourself from the situation. However, if you like both parties and don't mind the perks of the friendship, then perhaps it's time to reassess that pesky moral code. The real issue here isn't their behavior, but your view of it.

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