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Dear Karma Cleanser:

My story is a little weird and seems to share strange coincidences with the 1988 movie Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy. I seem to be falling in love with this woman who is already spoken for. Well, I do clean up for a living and I'm from another country (the UK, not Africa). The point is that I really like this girl and can't stop admiring her. But I'm afraid to express my feelings to her. Please tell me what I should do. How can I better my karma to make this possible? -- DR. DOLITTLE

Your problem here isn't bettering your karma, it's comparing yourself to has-beens like Eddie Murphy. Forget these Hollywood fairy-tale illusions and look at your dilemma logically. If "spoken for" means this girl is married, give up now and save yourself some grief later. If not, tell her how you feel. You don't have to be an African prince to show some iota of self-worth.

Dear Karma Cleanser:

Around four years ago, I was terminated from a job for what I believe were bogus accusations. I didn't fit in with the culture at this company and this was an easy way to get rid of me. I had been a salesperson who was able to make major inroads with a client who refused to work with our company for years. I later found out from a product vendor that my initial sale created a business relationship so great, he was able to take the person who replaced me and the vice-president who fired me on a week-and-a-half, all-expenses paid trip to Europe after I was terminated. I suppose if it weren't for this termination, I wouldn't have landed in the new career path that I am now excelling at. Do I write a letter or telephone these individuals to let them know that I know about the great contribution I made to their company and the subsequent reward they (undeservedly) received? Or do I just go on with my life and silently know that I was treated unjustly and in the end the universe doles out what it receives? -- MISSED OUT ON EUROPE

The Karma Cleanser strongly believes in career karma, that the bad things you endure in one job will be justly rewarded in the next. Your termination was a blessing in disguise, as evidenced by your new gig. Rather than playing sour grapes with former cronies, release this frequent-flier-mile envy and get on with your new life. Europe will still be there, we promise.

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