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Karma Cleanser

Will it come back to bite you?


Dear Karma Cleanser:

(In response to "Scarred in Coach," March 5): I generally enjoy this feature, but Karma Cleanser blew it last week. The problem was obvious: Karma rewards selflessness and reacts accordingly to selfishness. The writer can't stand children and is perplexed why people look at her like she's evil when she admits it. The love a parent feels for his child is the closest thing to pure, selfless love that any human can experience. Yet, this woman views it as a prison sentence. On her flight, turbulence caused the children around her to get ill and her primary concern was her new $250 shoes. What a pathetic, selfish individual.

In the movie Evan Almighty, God appears to Evan's wife, who has left her husband after praying for the family to become closer. God asks her if someone prays for their family to grow closer, do you think God zaps the family with warm fuzzy feelings or does He provide the challenges the give the family the opportunity to choose closeness?

The letter writer values her shoes over the comfort of small children. Karma isn't punishing her (although I think it should). Karma is providing her the opportunity to re-examine her priorities and discover what is truly meaningful in life. Not everyone is blessed with the gifts required to be a parent and obviously this woman should have her tubes tied immediately. But that doesn't mean karma grants her permission to be a self-absorbed bitch for the rest of her life.

-- Disappointed in Charlotte

Well, thank the heavens for Evan Almighty. Here we were thinking that we'd squandered 90 precious minutes of our remaining time on earth sitting through an unfunny paycheck picture for Steve Carell. And now we learn that yes, there actually was a message beyond the mediocrity. Kudos to you for helping all of us see the light.

Dear Karma Cleanser:

I am depressed about my upcoming birthday. It's my last year before turning 30 and I haven't met many of the goals I set out for my twenties. I am impatient with myself and that causes me to be short with the people around me.

To celebrate my birthday, some friends want to take me to a bar, but I am thinking about canceling the outing and having a quiet weekend at home. Will karma make it worse on me for going or not going?

-- Hate On Me

They must be true friends if they're itching to party with you even in your pissy mode. Perhaps they realize that patience and perseverance don't come from the happy times, but are born out of life's challenges.

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