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Karma Cleanser


Karma Cleanser

Dear Karma Cleanser:

It's been raining all summer and I am sick of it. Two of my dear friends moved away in the springtime and I have been depressed ever since. I sometimes think that my depression is affecting the weather. I am sick of my job and sick of the people who are left in this small town in which I live. I was given some anti-depressants by a doctor but I stopped taking them. My social karma is in the lowest place since high school. New people don't make me laugh the way my old friends did, and they don't care about my problems.

A rainy summer is indeed a bummer, as is the subtle heartbreak of having your BFFs split town. But all summers can't be golden, can they? And all friendships can't be based upon sharing the same postal code. Chin up, little Stormcloud. The rainy season will pass. New and more interesting souls will drift in -- when the time is right. In the meanwhile, perhaps you should revisit the doctor's orders. Tom Cruise may frown upon pharmaceuticals, but it sounds like you need a little crutch to get through this trying time.

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