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Karl Strohminger is a knight in shining armor. No kidding, he really is. The Knightly Order of Fiat Lux is a fellowship of like-minded men who abide by a medieval code of chivalry.

In early 2005 Strohminger started an organization of quality men who vowed dedication to moral values, admirable character and community responsibility. Fundraising has become one of the Knightly Order's most important missions, and the men are always donating their time. They have been known to frequently dress in uniform and do medieval reenactments for children.

In case you're wondering, this really is a society of certified knights, much like the ones in fairy tales. Strohminger requires that those interested be willing to dedicate to service, quality, and integrity. Knights in training must "squire" (or intern) for 90 days before approval.

Strohminger says, "We aren't entitled to anything different. This isn't a sense of privilege but a sense of service. I am governed by rules that cause me to live my life by the code of chivalry. Everything that comes out of my mouth has to be the absolute truth."

"There's a sense in men that they want to belong to something bigger than they are, that they want to help change the world," he says. "We took this natural inclination and turned it into a service."

As a husband and a father of five, Strohminger's world spins vigorously, but an added reward is seeing other knights' lives transform. He says, "It's earth-shatteringly spiritual to see the change in these men's lives. Every weekend they're putting on their armor and serving children, becoming better fathers, better employees."


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