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July 6 -- July 12, 2006


The Crab (June 21 -- July 21)

This is a wonderful time for a vacation. You feel free and open to experience new things. Plans are subject to change in a favorable way on Monday or Tuesday of this week. Any activities involving the law, publishing, education or travel are especially positive.

For All Signs Chiron, the first centaur among the gods, is highlighted through 2006. He was the first half-man, half-horse and his initial life task was to find a niche that would allow him entry into society. Because of a wound in his leg that would not heal, he pursued and designed remedies. He became renown as a healer, which finally gave him status in his world. Planetary emphasis on Chiron at this time suggests that we must find a source of emotional healing now, lest we become consumed by fear verbalized by the inner critic. Letting go of the critic's warning anxiety will allow us to find a societal role more congruent with our true identity.

Aries Make it a point to arrange an easy schedule this week. Be willing to ask for help from friends. If you strike forth on your own you may encounter significantly resistant attitudes. Be conscientious about maintaining your ethics.

Taurus Beware of temptation if you are concerned about finances. Energies favor love and romance. Experiment with something new in your appearance. But while Mercury is retrograde, don't make an alteration that can't be reversed.

Gemini Your planetary ruler, Mercury, moves into retrograde position in your house of finances and valuables. Over the next few weeks be especially careful with keys, tickets, credit cards, jewelry and other small items of value. Vacations and romance are given a go signal.

Leo The byword for this week is attraction. Do not press others to go your way. Instead, find ways to make your path so appealing that they will want to follow because of its inherent value. Love and romance are favored. However, partner may not be feeling well part of the week.

Virgo Mercury, continues in its retrograde path. During the next three weeks your social calendar is likely to turn over and over. Generally this is because others are experiencing something out of their control that interferes with your plans. Smile and blame everything on Mercury.

Libra Work situations are highly changeable this week. Be ready for anything. Love and romance is front and center. You are interested in anything that will make you more beautiful. Don't be embarrassed about your vanity. You shine in some way now and others are noticing.

Scorpio The pressure is on, but do not take shortcuts because there is at least one person paying attention and hoping you will make an error. Take special care with sharp objects or machinery. Your center of gravity is a little off, setting up the potential for accidents.

Sagittarius Competition is in the air. Be certain that all your moves are kosher. A win by sleight of hand is not a confidence builder. Jupiter, your planetary ruler, is turning direct after four months of retrograde status. You will soon feel more confidence in your plans.

Capricorn You have no new aspects this week, and will be able to move steadily along in your path without major interruption. You are likely experiencing a need to go back and review financial history. This is a good period in which to catch and correct any previously made errors.

Aquarius Love and romance are high on the list of fun and interesting things to do this week. You are in the mood for excitement and open to anything different in your play time. Work will flow freely, if you avoid aggression or big initiatives. You are more open for change than usual.

Pisces You are looking for novelty in your relationship(s). Go somewhere or do something really different. You are prone to flirt because it is fun, not because you plan to follow through. You may provoke an argument if nothing else is happening, but this is not what you really want.

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