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Judging Snooki and look-alikes

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I have never seen an episode of MTV's Jersey Shore ... don't judge me. For starters, there's too much nightlife in Charlotte to sit around and watch TV. So, I have no idea what "The Situation" is, yet I can't go anywhere without seeing Snooki and her "poof," on magazines and Whisky River flyers.

Last Tuesday, I got a text from DJ Jazzy Jimmy over at Whisky River asking if I wanted to judge their Snook-a-like contest, in which Snooki would be hosting.

I got rather excited by this invitation -- not only do I enjoy doing random shit like that, but a lot of my friends had been talking about it for a week and were going. And, I could get a good close look at Snooki and determine if she wears a bump-it or not. I also wanted to figure out how to fist pump.

First order of business was to Google image Snooki so I could see what she actually looked like ... kinda like me. Short ... tan ... long dark hair .... I made a point to dress extra conservatively so I wouldn't be mistaken for a contestant.

The line for Whisky River was so long you would think Snooki was putting on a performance. But her performance is partying, and even still, people were freaking out over her like adolescent girls do Justin Bieber. Apparently Snooki is popular ... but why?

Granted, I've never seen the show so perhaps I'm missing out on what grand thing Snooki has done for society. I can, however, understand why Chelsea Handler would like her. Even with her poof Snooki is still shorter than me -- and I'm nearly a midget. She was like an adorable little Guido nugget. I suppose there is some novelty in partying with someone famous for killing brain cells.

Turns out, judging the Snook-a-like contest equated to watching her feed the crowd pickles. I had to stop and look at my friends to ask ... "Is this real life?"

As for the contest, my services weren't even needed. Snooki automatically picked her doppelganger ... the hottest one that she wished she looked like.

But even after meeting Snooki, I am still confused ... why is she famous?


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