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Barista @ Starbucks


What makes you lustworthy? I think people like coffee more than me. They like to drink. I provide the coffee. That's all it is.


Handcuffs or scarves? Handcuffs. A little more rock 'n roll.

Who would you vote for: Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? Neither one, to be honest with you. I'm down for any kind of change.

What do you do when your not at Starbucks? Weekend warrior, traveling up and down the coast with the band. (He's the drummer for The Noises 10.)

Best way to spend a Saturday night? Probably at home. I spend enough time at the bars playing music and stuff. I don't get a chance to relax.

What's a deal-breaker for you? Smoking. I'm not down with smoking.

First date, third date or fifth date -- when do you put out? I would have to say... second date. I'll split the difference. Two's my lucky number.

Fave movie of 2006? I don't watch that many movies. Little Miss Sunshine. I think that was 2006, wasn't it?

Corniest pick-up line used on you? I don't really get many of them, to be honest with you. I don't use any pick-up lines. I probably should. I'd probably have more luck.

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