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Jonathan Hughes, owner of the Milestone

Best Drink Specials


* Worst Use of Tax Money

"Are people still complaining about the CATS lane on Independence? I'm still upset about it. I know it's an old issue. I saw a cop using it the other day. I've seen a bus on it once. I was driving on Independence coming back to the city and I said to my wife, 'I never see anyone using that damn thing.' Just then, I saw a cop and two buses. It's a horrible thing. It makes it where you can't turn left or anything. Weren't people really mad about that five years ago? I'm behind on what I'm mad about. Everyone's upset about gentrification and condos — those things, I'll be real mad about those in a few years."

* Local Issue That Needs More Attention

"The complacency of Charlotte residents. Everybody wants to talk and complain about what they hate to see happening in town, but nobody's doing a goddamn thing about anything. Everybody's just bitching about it on the internet. People complain about stuff disappearing, but they also don't support what's here until it's too late. One day, when the Milestone closes — it will happen at some point, but not anytime soon — everyone will say, 'I loved that place!' Well, drag yourself out here and show me how much you love it. Go support the places you love."

* Best Hangover-Friendly Restaurant

"My favorite place is Pinky's. I'll tell you why — it's fantastic. They've got greasy, fried, and they've got healthy. I'm vegetarian, but I can get just as many good hangover cures there. I get the Nature Boy — it's a chick pea veggie burger. It's delicious. Or just put the Nature Boy — woooooo!"

* Best Local Band

"The best local band is Hectorina. I'll say it all day long. That new album (Hectorina) — I've had it for about a year because they gave me an advance listen. I listen to it at least twice a week. It's awesome. It's got less psychedelic stuff than previous albums, but — two years ago they were the Bee Gees for a set at the Milestone on Halloween and they've fallen into an old-school style — it's got more soul now. Their album Collywobble is one of my favorite albums ever — by any band."

* Best North Carolina Product

"The best North Carolina product? The best looking women on the planet. That's the best product we've got. I married the foxiest woman I ever laid eyes on and I'm 100 percent sure where she came from."

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