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John Tosco


To justincase fans, John Tosco is The Daddy, Charlotte's version of Jessica and Ashlee's Daddy Joe Simpson. OK, maybe not Daddy Joe -- that's extreme. More like the anti-Daddy Joe. After all, most folks know the more organic Tosco as that tireless local music booster who holds all those neo-hootenannies at places like the Evening Muse. All right, so if folks know him at all, maybe they just know him as John. Since 1983, this graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music has been teaching group guitar at Central Piedmont Community College, and teaching other Charlotteans, mostly the little ones, at his private studio. His Tosco Music Parties have given hundreds of acoustic musicians -- from unknown upstarts to bigger names on the local and national coffeehouse scenes such as Aztec Two-Step, Texas songwriter Darden Smith, Concord punk-grassers the Avett Brothers and even the legendary Arthur Smith -- a forum to be heard. But don't expect his Top 5 to be weighed down by the peace 'n' luv likes of Joni Mitchell or Tom Rush. Look yonder -- there ain't a folkie in sight:

1. The Beatles. "My all-time favorite music and my biggest influence."

2. The Godfather. "This movie drew me in to that fascinating world of family loyalty as well as violence and corruption."

3. The Carolina Theatre. "I've been spending a lot of my time helping to get this magical theater (where Elvis performed) rebuilt and restored."

4. A day off from my crazy, busy schedule. "There aren't many of these, but I love a day that I don't have anything scheduled."

5. All of my CDs alphabetized. "Yes, I confess I'm a neat freak! I have a place for everything (and everything in its place)."

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