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Constance Lov Johnson has provided local, state, and United States government news and events to the public for numerous years, ensuring that the public was made aware of the important bills and issues that impacted the lives of citizens. She reads the press reports from the various media and determines which of the reports are vital to the citizens. She sometimes leads story ideas because she often provides her own commentary on news reports to give the reader a deeper understanding of the issues coming from the elected officials and government organizations and agencies. Johnson’s interpretations are accurate and many times impact the direction of the outcome of the issue being reported on. For example, two of the elected officials highlighted in Johnson’s publication, CityPolitical, were appointed to federal secretaries under former President Barack Obama.

This year Johnson campaigned for the NC Superintendent of Public Instruction office. She received over a quarter of a million votes from the citizens around the state. She did not win the race, but was lied on by the Charlotte Observer about turning in her campaign reports late and it impacted her votes in the largest city in North Carolina, Charlotte. However, the large number of votes inspired Johnson to persist in leadership and not give up based on inaccurate campaign reporting from the media.

She has the right skill set for the office of Press Secretary for the Joe Biden Administration. She knows all levels of government, she’s owned political publications and is highly creative innovating a magazine that focused on the work and issues of the elected officials. The magazine attracts both political parties. She has good relations with both the Democratic and Republican party leadership of her state, and is a moderate that focuses on the citizens’ achievements and happiness. She is a Democrat and believes that this is the party that is more commonly moving with ethics and love for their fellow members of earth. The Democrats care for Earth and care for racial justice. These are the values Johnson focuses on, protecting our environment, promoting education, building communications, and influencing citizens to have empathy for the ones that make mistakes that impact their lives in a negative way to give imperfect people three to four chances to become productive and economically stable.

Let’s give Johnson our best vote of confidence. She often makes statements that move officials to do what’s right, not necessarily tell us what we want to hear. She is honest to the core, and will never surrender on peace. She believes peace is possible on Earth. It will take a person like Johnson to get into leadership to make it happen. She believes Biden can do it, with her help.