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Jillian, student



What is your biggest turnoff?

I hate when guys go out to a bar or a club or something and stand around with a beer, and they have to act like they're Mr. Joe Cool and they can't dance or have a good time. They just stand there and pretend they're too good to talk.

What have you given up for your looks during the recession?

I don't think I've really given up anything. I've tried to shop a little more conscientiously and buy things a little bit more on sale and make things last a little bit longer.

What's been your best cheap date?

I love ordering pizza and renting a movie. I have a Netflix account, and I'm a big foreign movie fan. So, streaming a foreign film and ordering a pizza would be my favorite thing.

What's the last book you read?

My last favorite book that I read in full would probably be The Unwanted by Kien Nguyen. It's about a boy whose mother was from Vietnam, and she slept with an American solider during the war. The Vietnamese people didn't accept him because he was basically the enemy. It was about his trials and tribulations and being unwanted in his society.

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