Jenny Besetzt, Wowser Bowser, Borrowed Arts

When: Sat., March 29 2014


While swarms of new bands channel the cheesiest of the ’80s synth-and-wet-snare New Wave beats (Duran Duran, Tears for Fears), this Greensboro outfit thankfully turns to New Order for its primary inspiration. Co-songwriters John Wollaber and Brad Morton then run their propulsive beats — courtesy of Hunter Allen (drums) and bassist Thomas McNeely — through canyons of guitar reverb and keyboard mist, resulting in what the band semi-jokingly refers to as “sparklecore.” Based on some memorable opening gigs and early singles, the band’s anticipated 2013 debut, Only, lived up to expectations, turning Wollaber’s lyrics of lost innocence — captured in the titles of tracks like “Teenage Lions” and “They Were Full of Brave Illusions About Each Other” — into mini-epics of soaring melodies gliding atop unstoppable rhythms. As for the name? Well, there is no actual Jenny Besetzt in the band, and the surname is German for “possessed.” But if the archetype keeps fueling the fire, long may possession reign. (John Schacht)

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