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Jennifer Yates, makeup artist

Best Makeup Artist


* Best Tattoo Shop

"I would say Paris Tattoos has the best artists. They are also classical artists who do paintings and stuff like that. To me, it's like a gallery, as well, and I'm kind of an art snob. I like it so much I brought my mom there when she came to Charlotte."

* Best Weekly Nightlife Event

"Shiprocked is probably the best weekly party. The music's so good and the crowd is cool too — laid back. Scott Weaver usually plays Joy Division, The Cure, David Bowie..."

* Best Burger

"I really think that Fran's Filling Station has the best burger — quality of the meat and a pretzel bun. The personalized service they give is significant. I haven't gotten that in most places, but they always remember my preferences which is great because I'm sort of a picky eater. The vibe and energy is really good — it's mellow."

* Best Local Performing Artist

"Satya and Sarah — they go by Satarah. They're a team — two girls that always perform together. They're killer. They do aerial, fire dancing, belly dancing."

* Best Place to Buy Vintage

"I love the Sleepy Poet so much. That's one of my favorite places because they have so many different things to choose from. They even have a great record collection and furniture."


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