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Jennifer, makeup artist

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What is your biggest turnoff?

Biggest turnoff would probably be -- I have a lot of them so I'm trying to think of the best ones -- probably when a guy slurps. Eww. That's so gross. That's happened on two dates I've been on and I'm like, that's a no-no. Check please.

What have you given up for your looks during the recession?

I had to give up MAC cosmetics. I mean, I work for them, and I get discounts -- but I haven't been able to buy as much as I used to. I still have some, and I'm literally, like, scraping off the edges of my makeup.

What's been your best cheap date?

We went around to all the local fast food restaurants, we got KFC, McDonald's, Jack In The Box and Taco Bell. Then we took all the food to the park, and it was really, really romantic. It was like one-on-one conversation, and I thought it was really fun.

Do you think President Obama's plan to make more money available to small businesses will turn the economy around?

Giving small businesses money would be a step in the right direction, but I also believe we should give small businesses tax breaks so they can create jobs and not penalize them with all of those taxes they have to pay.


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