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Doorguy @ Dixie's


What makes you lustworthy? I don't know. Just my personality. I'm real flirtatious. I can talk to anybody.


Most romantic thing you've ever done? I bought a dozen roses and spread the petals all over the living room, had a candlelight dinner. This is when I was a little younger, maybe 19 or 20. I had bet with my girlfriend. She said I couldn't cook. So, I cooked this nice little dinner. The thing is, I was in the Army at the time. So, it was in the barracks.

Handcuffs or scarves? Neither. I need my hands because I like to be in control.

What do you do when you're not working? Hobbies? I am actually a mixed martial arts fighter. I do kinda like Ultimate Fighting type stuff.

Any black belts? I have a black belt in Kempo. It's a Japanese martial art. I have a background in jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing. The next fight is February 17 in Roanoke, Va. It's actually a pay-per-view event.

Best way to spend a Saturday night? It depends. For me, I'm real low-key. I'm always out in the nightlife as far as work is concerned. If I have a girlfriend, I'd like to take her out to something small. Dinner and movies. Just me and her, quality time. I don't drink, so it really doesn't make a whole lot of difference if we go out. I like to read, too.

Are you a closet romantic? I am. I like romantic movies, novels, whatever. Probably half my collection is either comedy or romance or romantic comedies. There's two sides of me. I have a soft side, and I have my intense side.

Who would you vote for: Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? I want to pick Arnold (laughs). I'd like to see Hillary in it. Just to see what a woman would do as far as the president. We need a change, and I'm all for it.

What's a deal-breaker for you? She's gotta give me my privacy. She can't go through my phone, open my mail. Gotta be somewhat trustworthy. Can't be too jealous.

First date, third date or fifth date -- when do you put out? That would depend on the girl. I'm a guy, you know. I would say if I really like this girl ... it would be three out of respect. Typical guy that works in a bar, he's going to meet a girl and first night, bam!

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Dutifully serving Charlotte's SINful desires since 2006

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