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Jason Herring


JASON HERRING, aka jah-sun rising, has played in the groups Moonburn, Latino Chrome, the Interstellars, Farfalla and Samurai. Currently, he owns the very small recording company called Ten Millimeter Omega and DJs at such local lounges/dancehalls as Eden, the Loft and Pravda.

Herring claims he's been known to bitch and complain a lot about our fair city, and our scene. So here's his chance to let you know what he thinks is positive and unique about Charlotte.

1. Indian food. Tulsi and the boys over there at Situl give me happiness at least once or twice a week. Mmmmmm ...

2. Adam Freres & Edd Kirkley. These guys are working overtime to add a little variety to our going out shenanigans. With two excellent venues under their wings (Eden/SK Net Cafe), Charlotte is getting the diversity it deserves.

3. Andrew Webster. He will spend his last dollar on putting out music by his friends, just because he loves it.

4. Plaza-Midwood. Pretty much one of the only bohemian areas of town. The neighborhood has everything.

5. The talent. The coolest part of Charlotte is her underground. And it includes some people who don't follow any formula: Pyramid, That Guy Smitty, Arthur Bros., Dirty Drummer, the One, D.R., Babyshaker, Carol Marley, Pughjet Sound and Davenport Studios. Keep up the good work.

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