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Does anybody really want to a read a "goodbye" column? I sure as hell don't want to write one. But, oh well — I guess when you're the outgoing editor in chief of a newspaper/media entity, you sort of have to write a farewell piece. Soooo ... here we go ...

First, I'd like to say I'm sorry for everything that ever sucked in the paper over the last five years. And for some of you, that has been a lot of stuff. But give me a break — it takes awhile to work out the kinks. Anyway, sorry about that!

Secondly, I would like to take credit for every single cool thing that CL did in the last five years. OK, maybe not everything. My incredible editorial staff should really be credited for pumping out mind-blowing content week after week, day after day. This year especially has been a great one for the Loaf. I mean, we unveiled a brand-new design for the print newspaper, a redesigned website, a fresh new Style section, and we garnered five state and national awards. Yeah, it was a very good year.

Third, I'd like to give a big shout out to all the comic book geeks who read my comic review column — Comic Proportions — each week. Sadly, my departure from CL means the end of Comic Proportions. But, hey, keep picking up comics and loving the art form. (And get ready for the Avengers movie next summer!)

And ... I think that's about it.

It's been fun Charlotte. My time at CL has truly been my best working experience, like, ever. I never imagined that I would ever leave. Then again, I never imagined anyone would be crazy enough to give me the job in the first place.

OK, I'm done. Thanks for a wild ride.


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