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Item of the Week: Tia T. jewelry



Next time you drive by a scrap metal yard, don't be so quick to avert your eyes because, turns out, these little beauties make killer accessories. Tina Nardoci, co-owner of Green With Envy on Central Avenue, took repurposing to the next level when she created Tia T., a line of jewelry made from metals found in various scrap yards around Charlotte.

"You never ever know what's going to be there," says Nardoci. "There's tons, tons and tons of metal and you just have to know what you're capable of working with."

Nardoci mostly works with aluminum and uses sheets and pliers on the 4-foot-by-1-foot sheets to create earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Lockets and other metals she might come by online are called "dead stock," or metals that former companies need to get rid of. Some are from the 1950s and 1960s.

When designing, Nardoci is inspired by her craft and nothing else. "It's all about the metal," she says. "Every piece lends itself to something." Bracelets are $35-$50, earrings are $19-$29, and necklaces are $19-$150.

Green With Envy is located at 1111 Central Ave.

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