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As 2010 comes to a close, we celebrate the end of a year that some might call pretty craptastic. We've dealt with so much these past 12 months — from massive budget cuts, library closings and teacher layoffs to the legalization of public groping (aka TSA security measures).

On top of all that, thanks to the nation's ongoing recession, you're probably still broke and out of work; contrary to what some politicians think, being unemployed isn't fun at all.

So, congratulations: You made it!

To commemorate this occasion, Creative Loafing has put together this — our guide to the best ways to bring in 2011. In addition to the top 25 Charlotte-area parties (including a sampling of events that won't break your budget), you'll see our picks for cool NYE concerts, dinners and even the best DVDs worth watching in your own home-based party.

But enough said: Read on and party on.

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