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Interview with photographer, Jeff Colhoun



Jeff Colhoun is a San Francisco based travel Photographer and Filmmaker who works with tourism boards, brands, and non-profit organizations. He is best known for travel features and short documentaries, his work is incredibly diverse.

Jeff is an inspiration to many, often showing how social media can be harnessed to magnify positive social impact online and in the real world. Colhoun actively mentors and cultivates stewardship with
artistic youth communities, through scholarships and programs. He continually fosters his community through volunteering time, providing resources, and aiding these causes monetarily.

1. Tell us a little bit about what you do and how you got to where you are..
Jeff- I’m a travel photographer and cinematographer. I primarily work with tourism boards, international non-profits and brands. It all started when I was given a camera by my mother in my teens. That combined with a “cutting edge” Photoshop class in my first year of high school in 1999 and I was hooked. I saw where the industry was going and I wanted in.

2. What types of nonprofit organizations do you like to support?
Jeff- I like supporting organizations that help underserved communities and preserve what's left of our natural environment. My non profit clientele ranges from environmental groups in central Asia to humanitarian non-profits working in Africa.

3. What was one of your favorite projects you’ve worked on and why?
Jeff- I would have to say working with the Mongol Ecology Center in northern Mongolia. I spent 3 summers in Mongolia filming an ongoing project for them and that was an unforgettable experience. My second summer I was in the Darkhad Valley for 5 weeks filming a group of rangers who patrolled 3 different parks surrounding the valley. I was charging on solar, doing backups in a tent and was lucky enough to be taken into their strictly protected area (nobody allowed) to track their Argali and Ibex with a drone. They are both on the endangered red list and from what I have been told by my friends in the field it hasn't gotten much better.

4. What upcoming projects should we keep an eye on for next?
Jeff- My upcoming projects include a tourism project in Fij, a few outdoor brands have brought me on for awareness campaigns, as well as a non-profit film focused on an environmental organization.


5. Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers and filmmakers?

Jeff- Yes! Get out there and tell someone's story. At the end of the day cameras are one of the most powerful storytelling tools and now they are in most people's pockets.

To learn more about Jeff and his work visit or follow him on instagram at