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Interview: Kam Sok, owner of Wink Studio



At times you can tell what a woman is thinking just from the look in her eyes. Kam Sok, licensed esthetician and owner of Wink Studio (at Sola Salons, 2000 South Blvd., Suite 100;, aims to enhance the intensity of a client's gaze through her extensive brow and lash services. Aside from Sok's focus on the eyes, she offers full body waxing and customized makeup services. "I think any big cities you go to, women are very concerned about their looks. That's why the beauty industry isn't in a recession. Women have an image to present, whether in the workplace, business, to their husband or their friends," Sok says. "I love making women feel beautiful & better about themselves."

Creative Loafing: How does Wink stand apart from other Charlotte spas and salons?

Kam Sok: [The] concept of Wink is providing and concentrating on services that enhance the eyes. That's how I chose the name Wink. Eyelashes make your eyes pop and eyebrows define a face.

Do you cringe when you see a woman with eyebrows that need to be landscaped?

I do. That's when I have my cards handy and wish I had an on-the-go waxing kit right then and there.

How does makeup enhance a woman's confidence?

Makeup covers all our flaws and imperfections, whether it's acne, freckles, scars or redness. It really helps to boost up our confidence, self-esteem, and makes us feel comfortable to appear to our peers — especially in this glamorous world where everyone on TV looks like Barbie. But girls should know real beauty comes from within.

What do you feel is a woman's most captivating facial feature?

In my personal opinion, I think eyebrows and eyelashes are the most captivating on a woman. When you speak to someone, you have to look them straight in the eyes; your eyebrows and lashes better look right because they will be noticeable. Men are also drawn towards the eyes.

Name some tricks-of-the-trade you wish to share with CL readers.

Eyebrows are like fashion — sometimes thin or thick brows are in. Girls typically look at what models or everyone else is wearing. Some of my tricks to eyebrows: measure where it should start and where it should end, look at the brow bone and determine how the eyebrows will take shape.

My trick for eyelashes is just looking at them from the back and front angle to see how it looks before I'm completely done. I tell my clients how to care for them and what they should expect from their natural lash shedding cycle. I'm so meticulous and OCD (like one of my clients would call me) about how eyebrows and eyelashes look. Even one hair misplaced, ingrown, crooked lash or unsymmetrical brows would bother me.

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