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Interview: Dana Sidberry

A marketer for beauty and beyond



Interview: Dana Sidberry

A marketer for beauty and beyond

It's not often a diva doubles (or triples) as a bail bonds lady, a hair stylist, and the owner of a marketing firm. But there aren't too many Dana Sidberrys in the world. Acquiring a knack for marketing before her first diploma, the young businesswoman concocted a sweet strategy to earn her the title of homecoming queen at Myers Park High School. Sidberry says her success came not from popularity but rather, her first trial run with marketing techniques. A hundred "Don't be a sucker, vote for Dana" lollypops later, a family background of entrepreneurship and a business degree, Sidberry is the proud owner of Motivation Marketing (, a small marketing boutique in Charlotte, representing a variety of businesses in beauty, fashion, and more.

Creative Loafing: How would you describe your personal style?

Dana Sidberry: My personal style is a variety of trendy, conservative, preppy and sexy. Being a plus-size diva, I wear what speaks to my curves, attitude and daily situation. I wear bow ties, cardigans, Timberland boots, stilettos and loafers. As a true Gemini, I switch up very often. I tell people all the time, "Remember my face, not my hairstyle." I'm ever changing.

In addition to marketing, you also work with hair?

I have been a licensed hairstylist since 2003, working professionally with natural hair, healthy hair and individual eyelashes. Currently, I am located at Salon 2844 at 2844 Freedom Drive by appointment only. Being a hairstylist is something I've always enjoyed because it allows you to communicate with your client on an intimate level while helping them achieve desired results. Since I am very blunt and to the point, I love to come up with different scenarios with clients and get their take on them. It always makes for a good time.

To top it off, you're also a writer and involved with a magazine. Tell us more.

Sheen Magazine is the ultimate beauty guide that features all of the latest trends from hair to fashion. I contribute to the beauty, entertainment and "Under The Dryer" sections. I am also responsible for some beauty/cosmetic product reviews for the magazine.

What do you do in your free time?

Free time? It is really so scarce that the only thing I do in my downtime is sleep, roller skate, watch TV — I love reality shows and Lifetime — or spend time with family and close friends. Retail therapy never hurts either!

What gives you the most satisfaction about working in the industry (the ability to give back, to make people feel good about themselves, etc?)

The answer is threefold: I get the most satisfaction from watching my clients get motivated and back to where they were when things were good in their businesses. Also, when the event has started and seeing my client's face when they realize that we really pulled the inevitable off. I get the most satisfaction when seeing the smile (and sometimes tears) on a client's face when I have transformed them and they are happy; it makes all the hard work worth it.

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