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Interesting Facts About Best Casino Movies Which You Didn't Know


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The casino industry is one of the highest-grossing industries in the world. It managed to become one of the leading industries of the online market, but also to establish dominance in the advertising world. 

However, no one expected that it would eventually end up as a crucial part of the movie industry as well. Casino-themed movies have been around for some time, and as time goes by, the interest in these masterpieces is only getting bigger. In an age when most of the movies are made with the help of special effects, it’s interesting that the still audience swarms around a good story like to ones portrayed in any casino movie. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best casino movies as well as some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know before. 

Ocean’s Eleven

One of the most popular casino movies of all time is, without a doubt, Ocean’s Eleven. The story of the film revolves around a group of criminals and ex-convicts that plan a heist of one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. However, not many people know that their favorite actor who played Danny Ocean, George Clooney, wasn’t originally planned for the role. As a matter of fact, the first one that the role was offered to was Bruce Willis. However, Willis turned it down, and it went to Clooney, who practiced for the role by playing blackjack with other members of the cast. There’s one story about the cast playing blackjack off-screen and George Clooney losing 25 games in a row. 

The Hangover

Everyone knows that for most people playing at a land-based or online casino is the ultimate form of fun. People worldwide enjoy different casino games like poker, roulette, and slots, and others enjoy good old sports betting. Gambling fans in the Netherlands enjoy visiting top live casinos to benefit from their bonus promotions and have a good laugh over their favorite games. And what connects all of these gambling fans across the globe is that playing at a brick-and-mortar or online casino keeps them smiling and feeling good. For this reason, “The Hangover” is one of the most-watched casino movies of all time. Simply because it reminds gambling fans of the fun they have while playing casino games (albeit in the movie, the fun is kind of mixed with a lot of danger). One of the most interesting parts of this movie is related to the scene when Ed Helms realizes he has a tooth missing. Well, his tooth was actually gone. As a matter of fact, Helms’ has a fake incisor since he never grew one. So, for the sake of the movie, they simply removed his fake tooth and filmed one of the funniest scenes in “The Hangover.”

Casino Royale

“Casino Royale” was the first James Bond movie ever that has been rebooted. And till this day, it remains one of the best stories about the famous British spy there is. One of the most interesting facts surrounding this movie is that the famous parkour chase scene at the construction site took more than six weeks to shoot. In fact, the man that James Bond is running after in this scene is none other than Sébastien Foucan, the man who invented Le Parkour. 


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