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In search of local indies for new CD



As you should have noticed by now, we're constantly looking for new and improved ways to support the local music scene. Among other things, we've added this La Vida Local column, have increased the stories and reviews on local bands and musicians and gave our support to the new TV show Sonic Lounge.

So, what's next? We're currently rounding up music from local independent artists to be released as a compilation CD before year's end. The 12-track CD -- the first or many to come -- will feature a variety of artists that have released music in the last half of 2007. We'll then take those CDs and hand 'em out at future shows around the Queen City. The bands enjoy the exposure. Fans get a thanks for showing support to the local music scene.

Of course, when it's all put together, we'll let you know where we'll be distributing them. If you're in an indie band who released new music recently and are interested in being a part of the project (you should have already heard about it through MySpace), contact us at

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