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Earlier this year, we released a CD, Creative Loafing Presents Jeff Hahne's Homebrew, which was a compilation of 12 songs by local, independent musicians. Not surprisingly, they flew off the shelves and were passed out with ease. That was the "Winter Harvest" and now seems like a good time to brew up a "Summer Stash."

We've already started rounding up some music and we're on the hunt for more. You can mail in a CD (preferred) or submit an mp3 via e-mail. Once we've collected them, we'll select the best cuts, get the CDs made and hold a release party in the near future. Like last time, they'll be handed out for free at a variety of venues and record stores in the area.

The rules: You need to be from within a 25-mile radius of Charlotte and the music needs to have been independently released this year. We're looking for all genres. If you have questions, contact Jeff Hahne at

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