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I'm on a boat ... on Lake Norman


It's Saturday and I'm sitting at home writing my column ... a nightlife column nonetheless. Why? For starters, because I'm actually in Charlotte this weekend, but mainly because the best nightlife is on the weekdays ... and in the summer the parties happen before dark.

Cason-Point: Lake Bash XIX on Lake Norman at Ronnie Stephens' lake house. I personally don't know this Ronnie they speak of ... but he sure is popular because his house -- or should I say yard of water -- arguably hosts the biggest party of the summer ... and is hence the reason I don't feel like going out tonight.

It's kind of like the sandbar (I don't know boat talk and there's no GPS at sea, so I'm not sure how to tell you how to get there, but you can't miss it).

Boats tie up together and you become neighbors with strangers going boat to boat making friends. Like Cup O' Noodles -- just add water and instant friends.

But there's a sense of urgency in showering as soon as you get back to land. Not only are you essentially wading in drunk people's urine, but it feels like you've been swimming in nuclear waste. Perhaps because Lake Norman is a man-made lake with the purpose of powering and cooling off the energy and nuclear power plants ... just saying. I keep hoping that I'll come out of the lake with some kind of super power. At least there's less wildlife to worry about than in an ocean.

As it turns out, a pool noodle makes for a great beer bong, and if you wear a life jacket like a diaper it serves as an excellent floatation device ... and hides the fact you look like a bloatation device from drinking beer.

As for the weeknights being more fun than weekends ... true story (minus the boat). Thursday is the new Friday and Uptown is typically dead on the real Fridays.

Apparently it's "date night" ... for other people than myself I guess. Or perhaps Charlotte nightlife just has it all figured out ... most of its residents are transplants and typically abandon ship on the weekends, which is why there are so many events on the weekdays.

Log onto to find out about said weekly events, during the week.

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