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I'm no female Tucker Max


Someone recently told me I am the female Tucker Max. You know, the author and inspiration behind the book-movie I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.

"Are you calling me an ass-chasing asshole?" I responded, trying to figure out if I should take it as a compliment or not.

"No ... you're a writer that goes out and then journals about it, like he does." Touché, but the difference between Tucker and me is that his night usually goes out with a bang ... literally.

But Max makes an excellent point: Men will give a woman the same amount of respect she demands. On the contrary, while men don't sincerely respect women who just give up the booty, women don't respect men who just give up their booty either ... as in money.

Tucker Max says typically the girl in the club wearing the most makeup and least amount of clothes has the lowest self-esteem and is thus the easiest to sleep with. Well, the flashy men luring hot girls to their VIP table with free drinks typically have the lowest self-esteem as well, and are trying to compensate for it with an over inflated ego-wallet.

If you think about it, we're all gold diggers. We are all vying to make money -- most of us the legitimate way. Digging too deep for gold can get you into deep shit -- especially when your office is the nightlife scene and your transactions are booty barters.

Cason-Point: The status-stalking, glorified prostitutes, otherwise known as gold diggers, are better known as "leprechauns" -- sneaky little suckers who aren't after your lucky charms, but your pot of gold.

But just like there are, as Tucker Max puts it, complete sluts out in the world, there are male money whores. Essentially, these men throw money at women as if they're prostitutes. And just like a man can accept sex from a girl without returning respect, a girl can accept gifts from a guy without returning "payment" either. And just like a guy wants a lady who doesn't have sex with anyone who buys her a drink, a real lady wants a man who is going to buy her respect, with respect.

Tucker Max may be telling men they don't have to pay for sex, but women, you certainly don't have to pay with it.

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