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If You're Going To Houston

OK, so you're one of the lucky ones who'll be traveling to Houston (aka world's most polluted parking lot) for the Super Bowl. So whaddaya do before the big game? You're in luck. You don't have to rely on dorky information from the mainstream press -- here's the real lowdown. Houston's alternative newsweekly, the Houston Press, has published a special Super Bowl guide that should give you more options for food, drink, and entertainment than you could ever take part in during one weekend. To get the inside info from Houston's alternative press, turn on your computer and go to this web address: And that's all you'll need. You're welcome.

Best Things That Ever Happened To The Panthers

1. John Fox

2. Charlotte taxpayers coughed up money for stadium land

3. Wesley Walls

4. Redskins' bonehead move in letting Stephen Davis go

5. Jake Delhomme

6. Sam Mills

7. Steve Smith

8. Kevin Greene

9. Ricky Manning

10. Donovan McNabb

Worst Things That Ever Happened To The Panthers

1. Rae Carruth

2. George Seifert

3. Dom Capers and his damned clipboard

4. Tight-assed security that won't let fans get rowdy

5. Deidre Lane

6. Kerry Collins' bar tab

7. Sean Gilbert

8. That god-awful team song in the early days

9. Sir Purr

10. Jerry Richardson's wife in NFC Championship post-game show

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