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CD Review: Yelworc



The Deal: The electronic industrial German project that began in the 1980s continues as Peter Devin delivers a new album that takes listeners on a sound journey through the outskirts of hell.

The Good: With 17 solid tracks, the album begins with "Lord of the Three," a track with strange callings and a triumphant beat. This leads into the next track, "In the Purgatory," which quickly sets the overall feel of the album – lots of electronic beats combined in a way that defies any sort of structure. "Icolation," which happens to be my favorite on the album, contains soft currents of piano and bells with electro beats that build up and fall apart around it. Almost all the other tracks also contain melodic undertones, with a lot of bold drums and beats that emerge. Similar to God Module, who combines darkwave and electro-industrial, YelworC incorporates an even more elaborate musical mass of sounds.

The Bad: There isn't a lot that is bad about this album. Devin's voice is that spooky sounding type, but it fits with its musical soundscrape. At times, it seems he is just talking and not so much singing.

The Verdict: This is a great album to add to the CD collection. With its strange contrast of sounds, it exceeds musical boundaries.

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