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I wanna learn how to pole dance

Plus a birthday party, a charity party and a ghost party


No letting go

Reggae veteran Wayne Wonder celebrates Bob Marley's birthday at Neighborhood Theatre last Wednesday, Feb. 6.

Ms. New Booty

A "pole dance virgin" gets a lesson in Pole Dancing 101 at BAR Charlotte on Feb. 8.

Kiss me baby

Sheena Bossie gets up close at the Phantasmagoria: Spectors of Absence exhibit at McColl Center for Visual Art on Feb. 8. By fogging the mirrors, an image appears; images incuded pictures of dead people from old issues of The New York Times.

Say no to V-Day

Stephanie Ford and Jima Francis pose for a quick photo at CANS' 5th Annual Anti-Valentine's Day Charity Party. The party was held to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation on Feb. 9.

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