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I think I've become a bitch


I don't know what has gotten into me -- other than perhaps some hormones -- but I have been a raging bitch as of late. Even worse than when I was a TopCat and was constantly hungry and pissy from dieting.

It all started with the Sex and the City 2 prescreening party at Mez, in which I was asked by an event planner to host/emcee along with my real-life Sex and the Queen City girls Jacinda, Dianne and Jordan. FOX Charlotte, NFL players, Miss North Carolina USA, Miss Sprint Cup, a Beyonce drag queen ... it seemed like everyone came out for the premiere party (including my period). Everyone, except someone to organize it apparently.

It was anarchy trying to get into that theater. I witnessed a woman getting pushed through the curtain onto a table full of champagne glasses. And for what ... a movie screening for Sex and the City 2? God forbid our resources become limited and we have to fight over them. At this point, embarrassed by this estrogen riot, an employee proceeded to start yelling at me to move when I was merely trying to help subdue the chaos. So what did I do -- I looked her dead in her eye and told her to "shut the front door."

But my bitchiness doesn't stop there. Another night I was fighting with a bouncer, acting entitled, like I could walk through a door that he told me I couldn't. Now, I have a bruise on my arm. Life lesson learned. Because we are all lateral in life, and the second we think we should be treated any differently is when we need to be put in our place. And well, I was cruising for a bruising. (But I still don't get the power trip bouncers seem to be on -- if you're so important, why do they stick you outside?)

Sometimes when we're out, we'll encounter those who should read a code of conduct before going out in public -- even me, apparently. But we're all just trying to have a good time. And the only thing we should expect out of life is to be treated the same way we treat other people.

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