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"I don't want my son to be a cop"

T.J. Donnelly is a sergeant in the Clearwater, Fla., Police Department. He has a wife and two boys, 14 and 8 years old.

T.J. Donnelly: "I'm just coming from court. A ridiculous case of a pedophile hanging around a kid's home. We trespassed him. The lawyer called me a jerk. First time I've ever lost it with a lawyer. "You think I'm a jerk for keeping a pedophile away from children?' She represented the dirtbag. I told her, "You don't have kids.' If one of my sons wants to be a cop, I'll be proud of him, but I don't want my son to be a cop. I want him to learn about honor and integrity, and I'll pin the badge on him. But I don't want him to risk his life, to get blood on himself. I've had night terrors for years. My wife wakes me up. I don't want my kids to go through that."

People say everything changed with 9/11. Donnelly says that's true -- to a point.

Donnelly: "Since 9/11, it's a roller coaster, really. At first, everybody realized we go out and do good things. They saw firefighters and cops, and they realized that what we do is maybe dangerous. It's funny how few people thought about that before 9/11. Anyway, after 9/11, people came in bringing pies. It was kind of freaky for us. We hit a high, and then people forgot. We're back to being just the guy in the rear-view mirror again."

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