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My husband and I recently realized that in order for us to remain happily married, we need to fuck other people.

Enter the boyfriend. This 20-year-old hunk has opened the sexual floodgates. He's gorgeous and athletic and enthusiastic, he gets me off at least twice every time we get together, and tales of our exploits have made things even hotter between my husband and me. Everybody's happy! So what's the problem?

Well, after two months of dating and numerous sexual encounters, my new lover has yet to get an erection. I know he's been able to get it up with previous partners, so maybe there's a subconscious part of his brain that doesn't want to bone a married woman? I've made it clear to him that there is no pressure and that I am more than satisfied. He insists that he is very attracted to me and that our current activities (lots of oral and hands everywhere) are incredibly satisfying.

How can I coax this young man's erection out of hiding?

Nouveau Mrs. Robinson

What a delightful problem to have! A gorgeous, athletic and enthusiastic hunk with a hard dick is better than a gorgeous, athletic and enthusiastic hunk with a soft dick, I'll grant you. But better a gorgeous, athletic and enthusiastic hunk with a soft dick than no gorgeous, athletic and enthusiastic hunk at all, amirite?

And while I can't tell you exactly what's wrong with your hunk's dick — it could very well be the infamous limpothalamus (that would be the part of the brain that doesn't want to bone a married woman; most men don't have one) — I can tell you that you're doing everything right. You're not pressuring him, you're taking pleasure in him regardless, and you're not neglecting your husband. And if your hunk was getting it up for his previous partners, it's only a matter of time before he's getting it up for you.

But was he getting it up for his previous partners? Unless you've seen some video — and that's video we'd all like to see — all we have to go on is his word, and he could be lying. Young hunks with erectile problems, too embarrassed and/or ashamed to admit they have a problem, will sometimes lie to their partners and refuse to speak to doctors. But your hunk has someone older and wiser telling him what to do, and you're going to tell him to talk with a doctor.

I am a woman in my early 20s and I have been in a happy hetero relationship for several years. My boyfriend has a foot fetish, and I have no problem doing what satisfies him. The problem is that the same is not true for him. He doesn't like sex at all, and he's barely even tried to go down on me. He has never come during intercourse. It's as if he is repulsed by my vagina. I should also mention that, unlike other foot fetishists, he enjoys being in control, i.e., tying me up, holding me down, etc. Is there anything I can do to make sex more enticing and enjoyable?

Starting To Get Fed Up

Have it with someone else.

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