Hugh Cornwell, Temperance League, Blossoms

When: Wed., Dec. 4 2013


Forty years in, former Stranglers frontman Hugh Cornwell still knows his way around a hook, and his solo material can still be barbed and pointed like the best of The Stranglers — even if it’s Cornwell who often endures the japes and snark. Cornwell came to fame in the punk era, but early Stranglers’ music owed as much to forebears like Roxy Music and pub-rock peers the 101ers as it ever did the Sex Pistols’ clean-the-slate-and-start-over circus. Cornwell’s solo output has been both prolific — 10 releases since the turn of the century — and spotty, though 2001’s Hi-Fi and 2009’s Hooverdam stand out for their songcraft. And last year’s Totem & Taboo benefited greatly from Steve Albini’s pared-back production, making Cornwell sound as energized and vital as he has in decades past. (John Schacht)

Price: $15

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