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How to Maintain a Healthy Workplace from Medicare Advantage 2021



Life continues to change during COVID-19.  We have fears about returning to normal life and what a normal life or “new normal” will look like.  Follow these suggestions on how to transition safely to a work-life after COVID-19.

Stress Management: Stress and anxiety are common for many people, and during COVID-19, stress and anxiety are often heightened.  Returning to the workplace may contribute to more stress and anxiety. However, there are things you can do.  You can utilize apps designed for stress reduction.  You can also put into practice mindfulness as well as other ways of taking care of yourself so that your nerves and your breathing are calm.

Another important thing to do is to make a plan for not only you but also your family to help manage your transition back to work. All of these tips can help you not only feel better about returning to work but also building a strong resilience.

Never Let Your Guard Down: Restrictions may have eased up, but the threat may still be there. Therefore, you should continue to take precautions.  These precautions should include:  1. Washing your hands for 20 seconds.  (If you take five big deep breaths while you’re doing it, that should help you reach 20 seconds. ) 2. Be sure to have not only sanitizer but also disinfecting wipes around and be sure to clean surfaces regularly. 3. Follow the existing guidelines regarding wearing a mask and avoid handshakes in public areas, in business meetings, or meeting with customers.

Be Sure to Keep Your Distance: While at work, be sure to avoid crowding while in conference rooms. Also, be sure your workspace is at least six feet from co-workers.  Virtual meetings have become popular especially during COVID-19.  Continue with virtual meetings and continue to limit direct contact. In this current climate, many employees are working from home.  This is approved by many health experts who recommend that employees who are working from home continue to do so.  Staggering employees in the office is also recommended.

Be Sure to Stay Fit: Staying fit is important, especially during COVID-19. Be sure to make healthy changes to boost your immune system and prevent illnesses. Did you know that 80 percent of negative medical conditions can be prevented when you initiate a few healthy lifestyle behavior changes:  Regular physical exercise, consuming at least five vegetables and fruits per day, and not smoking. Also, you should limit your alcohol consumption.  (If you’re a female, you can have one drink a day.  If you’re a male, you can have two drinks a day.) Follow these tips and you are on your way to living a healthier life and fighting COVID-19 if you become infected.

Be Aware of the Health of Your Co-Worker’s: You should remain at home if you don’t feel well; you should get your flu shot, and when the COVID-19 vaccine is available, get that shot too. There will be various ways that workplaces monitor employee’s health. For example, an employer may initiate daily temperature checks.  Keep in mind that if your employer has not taken precautions that you believe are needed to help stop the spread of the virus, be sure to let your bosses know.  Your help will keep you and your fellow employees safe. At this time we have all began to focus more on our health, ensure that you have adequate health coverage with Humana Medicare Advantage Plans 2021.

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