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How to have a no-strings-attached summer fling

Summer of love


Googling the phrase "summer fling" primarily yields results like, "How to make that summer fling last all year round." Fooey.

Flings are supposed to be sexy, fun and short-lived. Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary states that a fling is a "casual or brief affair or a period devoted to self-indulgence" -- and the best time to do that is the summer. We're not exactly sure why hooking up is more fun in the hotter months, but that's not important. What's important is the hooking up part.

Amy Alkon, the writer who pens the syndicated Advice Goddess column (which is featured in Creative Loafing), says, "Sex is very good for you." Alkon also contends that people in their early twenties should not be dabbling in serious relationships. "I call [the early twenties] the fuck years," she says, "where you have a lot of sex. It's because you really need to develop yourself. It's actually very good for you to play the field and not build a farmhouse or anything."

And according to Alkon, summer is the best season to get your fling on. "It's the best time to dabble in people you have absolutely no future with," she says. "Like, if you're a cattle rancher, hit on that hot little vegan in the 'Meat is Murder' shirt. It won't last -- it can't last -- and that's the beauty of it."

Now that your juices are flowing, here are a few tips from Alkon to help you get the most out of your no-strings-attached summer fling (or at least get you close enough to glimpse some nudity).

1.) Pay attention to how you're dressed. For girls, show some cleavage. Men like women who have a waist. Wear revealing clothes. For men, wear long pants, have a good haircut, and wear good shoes. Don't draw attention to your unappealing body parts. For both: Look sexy and delicious at all times; you can meet someone anywhere.

2.) Flirt your ass off from the start. Let the person know your intentions are not noble. Guys often make the big mistake of befriending a woman. They don't want to offend a woman and they get stuck in perpetual friend mode.

3.) Avoid people who look at you like they're in love from the first moment. The person who doesn't even know you and thinks he or she is falling in love is not a good candidate for a summer fling.

4.) Reliable birth control (such as condoms) is the most important part of the "no-strings" part. A few summers from now, you don't want to be telling little Suri or Maddox that daddy was some guy you did behind the woodshed.

5.) Don't give out the passwords to your cell phone, your Internet accounts, etc. Also, don't be too quick to give out personal information like your address. Tell as much as you need to tell to appear alluring, interesting and sexy. Don't talk much about past -- like who did you before and that kind of stuff.

6.) Keep things in perspective. It's called a fling for a reason. Those who confuse sex with love are best having a summer fling with somebody who lives an ocean away. You'll be forced to get sensible about calling and visiting them -- especially when you run up huge bills calling Luxembourg.

The sad but true part is that not everyone can have a juicy fling. "Men have an easier time compartmentalizing than women do," Alkon says. "So if you're a girl who can't compartmentalize, you instantly sleep with someone and decide he's prince charming and not really a homeless guy who's been doing too much heroin, you should not have a fling."

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