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How to Bring Your Plant-Based Lifestyle Full Circle



Health, diet, and wellness trends are seemingly never lacking. If you are looking to switch up your routine, add something new in, or remove something that is not working it should not take you long at all to research and discover how to accomplish that goal. But what if you have already selected and dedicated yourself to a certain wellness trend but want to expand your horizons in that area specifically? Good news, there are ways to do that to. While many trends start in the kitchen, plant-based lifestyles being no exception, do not underestimate the ways that you can sneak this passion into other areas of your life as well.

Grow Your Own Food

Once you have gotten the hang of which plant-based recipes you love, and how to intuitively eat as a follower of this lifestyle, why not take up gardening and grow some of your favorites yourself? A diet that is predominantly ground grown vegetables makes a great case for gardening as a way to extend your passion beyond your kitchen. In today’s world, simplicity and convenience can be determining factors in how we go about our day and helping to mitigate the need to run to the store for only a few things can help achieve this.

Even if you live somewhere that does not support a garden on your own outdoor property, there are still ways to have fresh vegetables at your disposal. Community gardens are wildly popular, especially in heavily urbanized areas, while hydroponic gardens eliminate the need to be outdoor all together. Even if you want to start small, and simply have an herb pot as opposed to a full-blown veggie spread, that is a great compliment to your choice of lifestyle.

Indulge Smarter

For many followers, cannabis use goes hand in hand with eliminating animal products from their diet and life. Vaporizers have allowed dry herb enthusiasts to have a more clean and refined experience. Vaping your weed is significantly healthier than smoking it and can be more aesthetically pleasing as well. Whether it’s a portable vaporizer, or a desktop model, you can choose your option with confidence from a collection of vaporizers online from an authorized reseller for major brands. Although this is mainly a recreational hobby, as a plant enthusiast in general, you can also learn more about the growth process, and how different strains of cannabis can help you achieve different goals.

Volunteer with Animals

Since you have made a conscious decision not to consume any animal products, consider volunteering with them to really up your game. It is likely that a piece of the plant-based puzzle for you includes fair treatment of animals, and there is no shortage of opportunities to help facilitate that. You can find a local shelter and dedicate your time, or you can even foster strays in your home until they are adopted. Find something that makes sense for your life and creates a feeling of happiness in your heart. Spending time loving on animals that are in desperate need of it is an uncommon but important way to expand your horizons in terms of plant-based living.

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