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How to Achieve High Storage Security for Small Businesses



Description: If your small business is growing and accumulating a lot of data, you need to know about secure storage. The right approach to security will ensure your customers' trust and reliability.

Secure Data Storage Solution

The market for services that offer secure data storage has doubled over the next four years. So this direction can be safely called the fastest growing in the IT industry. Moreover, the main drivers of its development are the owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Storages are especially actively used in:

  • trade;
  • logistics;   
  • media;   
  • the sphere of services for the population. 

Yet, some entrepreneurs are intimidated by the prospect of storing business data in any service. This is understandable because you need to assess the risks and understand the technology features before deciding. Let's figure out what to look out for when choosing secure storage solutions, VPN benefits, and data storage methods. It will be useful for any type of entrepreneur.

What entrepreneurs want to see in a data storage solution?

Entrepreneurs face many challenges, but one of the biggest worries is the volume of data proliferating. In addition to accumulating information, it needs to be adequately protected. Today, every entrepreneur needs to take the right data storage solutions for protection. What are entrepreneurs looking for in such solutions? Since their sites are subject to cyber-attacks, they are looking for reliable protection so that customers can trust them and the database does not get to third parties.

When customers use a VPN to protect personal information, they are sure that the data will not be visible on the site. Today, there are many VPN services with no logs that ensure that a person feels safe when entering any site.

This is what customers want from small business entrepreneurs. When they place an order, transferring personal information, you must ensure that only employees have access to the database. Due to the resulting events, your employees may work remotely, so you need to consider how to quickly and safely provide access to business files.

Many entrepreneurs don't understand anything about secure storage, performance, redundancy, risk, backup, and disaster recovery, which leads to problems. Only when faced with an unforeseen situation do they spend money and energy on storage, although this could have been done earlier.

Whatever area you are involved in, think about secure data storage. Below we have described several steps.

Think about streaming and future needs for reliable data storage

The first thing you need to do is determine your data storage needs now and in the future, and then find data storage solutions. To do this, you have to answer a few questions: What are your devices' minimum storage requirements? Will you have enough storage space on your server in 5-10 years?

If you have difficulties understanding whether you have enough volume, then take the data for all years to the present day and compare them with subsequent years. If the total amount is satisfactory and does not exceed the server's volume, then you have enough. If not, then you need to look for another solution. It would help if you did not put restrictions on disk storage, as you can lose important information.

Consider storage functionality

When you decide on your data storage needs, think about the storage functionality. You should have a clear understanding of why you should buy storage. Usually, this is so that customers can safely enter the site without VeePN, knowing that their information is securely stored, supporting the business, expanding the business, and reducing IT costs.

Instead of increasing the cost of hard drives, physical servers can control information with the cloud. Cloud storage is a storage model in which data is distributed across multiple servers located in different locations. Therefore, by using it, you get rid of the binding to one server or physical media. Even if one of the servers fails, the cloud provider will redistribute the other servers' load and back up the data.

Modify information security actions

Data security is a problem for every entrepreneur, and you should make every effort to resolve these issues. Since clients use double VPN, as they know that many sites are subject to information leaks, you should take care of all data storage processes and change them to modern ones if possible.

Many entrepreneurs lose data because it is not protected, thereby allowing cyber fraudsters to download classified information. This applies to those entrepreneurs who use unreliable servers instead of the cloud.

Any information storage service is insecure, even the cloud, but it stores and protects your database better than any service. To achieve the desired results for secure data storage, you must pass on best practices for providing information to all employees.

Your task is to teach the team how to deal with cyberattacks, develop a work process so that information is not lost, and take care of disaster recovery. If some providers store your data, then take care that they cannot spread the information.

Data backup

Another point to pay attention to when choosing a data storage solution is deduplication options. Data deduplication is a process in which redundant copies of information are eliminated, ultimately reducing the ongoing costs of storing it. With this technology, you can optimize the capacity of any data warehouse. Regardless of the method, deduplication allows you to save only one unique unit of information on media.

If your repository has such a function, you will reduce the time spent looking for repetitive information. Also, you do not spend money on increasing the volume of data storage. Since deduplication removes unnecessary files, thereby freeing up space for other important files. If you buy a repository and there is a free trial, use it to check all the functions. Sometimes deduplication can take up a lot of space, and then you should think about whether this storage is worth buying because soon, the volume of data will be full. Look for a repository where there is enough volume and deduplication is not a drag.


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