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How Now, Powwow


As Americans, it is our duty to find out as much info on the foundation on which our great nation stands, especially now, when there's so much animosity against the US. However, sometimes the deep, dark history is skimmed over in favor of the brighter, more heroic American Revolution starring General George Washington. It's sad that Native Americans only enter the consciousness during childhood games of "Cowboys and Indians." But, the American Indian Cultural Association (AICA) of North Carolina is looking to remedy that. Their annual powwow, a celebration of tradition, renews the old ways for a new generation with song and dance. Different tribes converge onto a single field to share songs of war, religion and some filled with feeling instead of words. As they fellowship, singers and dancers arrayed in garments bright with color pose as visual reminders of a rich heritage that must never be forgotten. Join AICA of North Carolina as they put on this important event. It takes place Friday and Saturday, June 2-3 at Van Hoy Family Campground, 742 Jericho Road, Union Grove, NC. Spectators only pay $1. For more details, visit

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