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Horoscope for Sept. 30-Oct. 6, 2009



Libra The Scales (Sept. 22-Oct. 22):

Someone with a sad story may be pressuring you to give a favor. The difficult challenge here is to handle this in a straight transaction. Before you respond, think carefully about what you really want to give and then do so. Don't let neurotic (false) guilt make the decision.

For All Signs: Although Mercury turned direct yesterday, it is remaining in what is called "stationary" position. This means that we will continue to have effects of the September retrograde until the middle of October. It is still a challenge to get things off the ground. The closer we move in time to mid-October, the easier it will become to launch without considerable challenge. This is the last stage of the Mercury retrograde in which we are asked to think things through carefully before plunging ahead.

Aries: The conflict in your heart over the issue of inclusivity versus exclusivity continues to wage. You want to protect what is yours, but you continue to ask, "At what cost?" Remain still. The knot will disentangle. Meanwhile you have a favorable aspect that urges you to take a break from all that worry.

Taurus: A request or a temptation to cross the line may present itself. Remain reserved and do not allow anyone to talk you into operating at a level that is uncomfortable to you. You are the one who has to live with you.

Gemini: It may seem that every time you attempt to concentrate on any sort of detail, someone or something begins to interfere. It may take two to three trips to the hardware store or the grocery market to collect what you need to complete the task. Frustrating, but it will pass.

Cancer: This is a fine time for travel, legal, or educational dealings. Your ability to keep your mouth shut is turning out favorably, especially with neighbors, siblings, and/or roommates. Your partner has favorable, steadying aspects for a matter of a few weeks.

Leo: It may seem to you as though almost everything is unsure, uncertain and up for grabs right now. Circumstances around you are not at all clear and it is better to leave all options open. The situation with a significant other is fuzzy-making.

Virgo: A sudden shift of attitude or a piece of news that comes through a significant person could temporarily rock your mind. Before you react, have a long talk with a good friend, priest, or a counselor.

Scorpio: Activities involving children and/or education and the law are fortuitous this week. Your creative side comes to the foreground. Meanwhile circumstances involving family matters are not the best. You want to become closer and more connected while the other backs away.

Sagittarius: It seems the details of life and work are interfering with your desire to move forward. You have to organize your plans or objects used in your life. This is the last thing the Archer wants to do. But here it is, right before you and it wants to be corrected now.

Capricorn: For a few weeks this season, the circumstances of your life flow smoothly. Activities related to the law, publishing and travel are especially favored. Meanwhile give time and attention to preparing for a long winter ahead. Stock up on supplies.

Aquarius: You are subject to allergies and/or viruses now. Take especially good care of your health. You need some R&R time. I realize it seems a contrary statement, but you will benefit in the long run if you help the older people in your life during this season.

Pisces: Do your best to stay in the background. It appears you may be targeted and pressured to take action in a situation that has a no-win option. Your only way out is to declare yourself out of the game and that will call for a level of independence that is scary.

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