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Horoscope for Sept. 2-8, 2009



Virgo The Virgin (Aug. 22-Sept. 22):

Those of childbearing age will feel pressed toward the next decision. Do you want a baby in your future or do you not? If babies are not the subject, then personally creative births of other kinds will beg to be noticed and lived.

For All Signs: Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Libra on the 6th. Pluto will turn direct on Sept. 11, next week. We've seen this same combination once before, in September 2008. News of major financial catastrophes occurred as Pluto turned direct last year. This was followed by general panic within the administration about what to do. It is an astrological given that what is done on a Mercury retrograde will come up for review and repair on the following retrogrades. It is unique that this combination is repeating itself once again. Will we "fix" it this time?

I have had numerous requests to rerun the article on Pluto in Capricorn for all the signs. It seems appropriate, now that Pluto is turning direct, to do this now. So read your sun sign and your ascending sign for the 15-year transit of Pluto in Capricorn for you below:

Aries: During the next 15 years the Rams will be focused on improving and applying leadership skills. You will be focusing attention on adding a deeper layer of management to this operation. Many will be building their own businesses and rubbing elbows with people of power.

Taurus: During the next 15 years you will be changing your life through education, the law or possibly international work (Internet included). Your associations with formal bodies, i.e. religious or college institutions, will alter your perspective and your outlook. Major life changes evolve through partners.

Gemini: Circumstances are changing concerning income that is generated through investments, partner's resources, or inheritance. It is important that you educate yourself in each of these areas. Some will begin to manage resources for other people.

Cancer: Many Moon children will experience changes within their marriages. Be wary of circumstances that might lead you to believe you must marry or take on a partnership. Others may be contemplating divorce or separation from partner(s).

Leo: It is important to allow your job skills or your work environment to change. Some may be compelled to leave a job that has lasted years. The circumstances may be altered to the point that how you do your work is totally modified.

Libra: You will be making important decisions concerning property, security and family. Circumstances beyond your control may change your perspective altogether on how or where you want to live in the future. Your need to create security may force decisions for changes in identity.

Scorpio: Habit patterns of negative thought will be brought to the surface and eradicated. Long-held beliefs require a fresh examination in order for you to move forward. Language and communications with others will be affected and you will acquire greater power in this area.

Sagittarius: The source of your self-esteem and personal values will change in major ways. The end result will be that your measure of self-esteem will become different than the cultural norm. You may be surprised to discover how much lighter life is becoming.

Capricorn: Pluto will be traversing your sign for 15 years. During that period you will come to know yourself more deeply than you might have thought possible. Many will concentrate upon growing their personal power and influence.

Aquarius: Truths of your history that you may never have known or acknowledged will bubble to the surface to help you mature. Some may encounter old family skeletons that make a lot of difference in how you perceive your life story.

Pisces: During the next 15 years your perspective will alter dramatically concerning your sense of community and contacts. You will prefer to seek out the relationship(s) that have the potential for depth. Beware of overly intense persons or organizations who want to take over your life and use your energy.

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