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Horoscope for May 6-12, 2009



Taurus The Bull: (April 20-May 19)

The probability is high that you will discover some error made in the past that must be rectified fairly soon. It could be as simple as finding a bill that was forgotten and left unpaid. You may decide to wait for a few weeks on a recent decision about speaking your truth or altering your appearance.

For All Signs: Mercury, the planet that rules travel, communications and common business practice, turns retrograde on May 6 and this particular cycle will not be fully complete until June 13. During this period it is best to avoid finalizing major decisions or signing contractual agreements. Seemingly good ideas now may be discovered later to have flaws or missing information. The cycle is most beneficially used to complete old plans, gather information on proposed ideas, and reflect on past progress. Since the original Bailout was forced upon us during a Mercury retrograde period, it is likely we will be dealing with the fallout once again. Below I will comment on the specific areas that are most likely affected. Read your sun sign and also your rising sign.

Aries: You may be the recipient to office cooler gossip this week. Remember that Mercury is retrograde and no piece of information can be taken seriously until it is over. During May and early June you will be somehow reworking your financial picture or plans for the future.

Gemini: This is a week filled with changes in direction. You may no sooner decide on one thing than you switch to another. Under these cosmic circumstances it is perfectly normal to argue with yourself. You may table an important decision on or about May 12. Let it brew until June 13.

Cancer: You are likely to find yourself thinking a lot about old friends and may want to get in touch with one or two of them. Others are thinking about you, too, but you are a sign with more initiative than many, so pick up the telephone.

Leo: Mercury has been retrograding in the Lions' territory that concerns friends, organizations and community contacts. You may be having difficulty bringing things to fruition or conclusion in any of these areas. Perhaps you are compelled to put previous plans on hold.

Virgo: You are probably thinking twice about an action that sounded good in the beginning. Mercury has altered directions in the house of career and life direction. This is really more of a tweaked change than a larger life change.

Libra: Go back and review your tax return for errors if you did your tax return late in April. Errors were likely at that time and it is easier to correct them now than later.

Scorpio: Mercury is retrograding in the territory of taxes, debt, investments and joint resources. You will likely experience a need to go back and review decisions in these areas. Circumstances with partners are fluctuating.

Sagittarius: Any decisions related to "others" in your life may require a few weeks before they settle. This includes partners, close friends and circumstances involving the workplace. Have patience and hold onto your sense of humor.

Capricorn: This Mercury retrograde experience begins in the territory of health, co-workers, tenants, employees and pets. You may find it very hard to move forward with your diet and exercise program. Some will hit a plateau. Don't give up.

Aquarius: Mercury is turning retrograde in the territory that rules children, creative efforts and love life. Anything on your radar screen that is related to these territories is subject to turnaround, review, deceleration, rethinking for a few weeks.

Pisces: The area of focus is related to property, family and issues of security. You are likely reworking things in one of these territories. Plans for expenditures here may be tabled for the present. Have patience with yourself and everyone else.

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