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Horoscope for March 4-10, 2009


Pisces The Fish: (Feb. 18-March 19)

Your unconscious mind has been stirring and brewing on a new product for several weeks. Although the Inner Critic will be agitated, you need to give priority to some meditative, contemplating time to allow this to surface. When it is time for rest and we don't listen, sometimes the body takes control and makes it happen.

For All Signs: On March 10 we will experience the full moon in Virgo, which represents a time of assessment of the work accomplished thus far. As many know, the sign of Virgo can be critical of flaws. Unfortunately this full moon is next to Saturn, one of whose faces is that of the aging, pointing, Power that Is. Our Inner Critic may be working full throttle and critiquing every minor imperfection or expanding negative beliefs beyond all reason. Its primary antidote: recognition, faith, hope, and love for the underling.

Aries: You are waist-deep in commitment to an activity that helps others and along the way, serves to heal yourself. Don't go beyond what you truly want to give or you may burn out your energy. Sidestep the temptation to expect gratitude in return.

Taurus: Venus is your ruling planet, and she is turning retrograde in the area of the past. You may find yourself surprised by experiencing feelings you thought were long since finished. This cosmic signature begins this week but its influence started in February.

Gemini: Your planetary ruler, Mercury, is involved with both Neptune and Mars. On the high side you may feel inspired and desire to make others happy in some way. The negative side of this arrangement could cause your mind to feel both irritated and foggy at the same time.

Cancer: Full Moons are often eventful for the Moon-ruled Cancer. The time to come may bring surprising news or changes concerning siblings, your neighborhood, your home or your possessions. You may suddenly realize you do not have the financial resources that you thought.

Leo: Aspects are not the best for the Sun's children at this time. You may feel isolated or as though no one around you can possibly understand who or what you are. This time period may present you with a test of some type. The results will depend on how much effort and concentration you have poured into preparation.

Virgo: Please refer to the opening paragraph. The New Moon on March 10 is in your sign. Your greatest temptation will be to sit as judge, jury and executioner to either yourself or to important others. However, your body may instead be generally overwhelmed with the events of recent months.

Libra: This is probably not your best time to be dealing with partner or significant others. The mood is intractable and no one can persuade anyone else, so productive action is stalemated. Do the best you can to disengage emotionally from the fray for six weeks.

Scorpio: Take every precaution not to abuse your body during this period. Drugs or alcohol could have peculiar side effects that you don't understand. You are in a low physical cycle and will be unable to push yourself as hard as normal on any physical task.

Sagittarius: The Archers have no fresh aspects to absorb this week. That means you may take this period to complete tasks that have been in motion and maybe even get some extra rest. (New aspects symbolize new "instructions" by the Cosmos.)

Capricorn: In some way you may be prevented by life circumstances from communicating. For whatever reason, others may refuse to hear your case. The inner critic could run amuck if you allow it. Remember that feelings come and go like waves.

Aquarius: You and Scorpio have a lot in common at this time. It is entirely possible that you have temporarily blown some circuits with all this planetary energy in your sign. You could potentially hit a pothole that drains physical or emotional strength for a short time.

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