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Horoscope for March 25-31, 2009



Aries the Ram: (March 20-April 19)

Make note of the lead paragraph because this New Moon is in your sign. You may, in one sense, relive an old relationship pattern, even if it is merely to yourself. If you remain conscious, you will not be compelled to make the same wrong moves this time around. Stay awake.

For All Signs: The new moon of March 26 is particularly important because it is in the sign of Aries, very close to the retrograding Venus and squaring Pluto. This is a time when buried resentment or old hurts and losses may surface for another review. It is more useful if we examine our personal contribution to the old problems, rather than pointing a finger in the other's direction. When we hold onto anger it is because the unconscious wants to teach us something. Ask what it wants you to know, make a conscious commitment to remember the lesson but forget the pain, and you can let it go more easily.

Taurus: Your unconscious mind is trying to teach you a lesson from the past. It would be good to give attention to dreams, "coincidences," and any sense of reliving an old experience. You may find yourself surprised by experiencing feelings you thought were long since finished.

Gemini: You will be unusually busy with errands, phone calls and social plans at this time. You will be focusing on communications with old friends, acquaintances and rebuilding your network. Near the 27th you are inclined to mental arrogance and hardened attitudes.

Cancer: Last week's spring equinox has probably rattled your teeth, but you are still standing. Good for you! This week you will learn of opportunities for help through the resources of other people. That can include partners, investments, sale of property and/or government assistance.

Leo: People who live at a distance are likely to seek contact with you. If anyone who reappears is known to you to be of less-than-favorable character, use extreme wariness about mixing again. On the brighter side, you may be returning to places where you have previously traveled.

Virgo: Your attention shifts to matters of shared resources for the next couple of weeks. "Resources" include time, things of material value, energy and sexuality. The territory is wide, ranging from the mundane study of the budget all the way to important discussions with partners over the need for improved intimacy.

Libra: This is probably not your best time to be dealing with partner or significant others. The mood is intractable and no one can persuade anyone else, so productive action is stalemated. Do the best you can to disengage emotionally from the fray.

Scorpio: You may very well be involved in an ambitious project. You must take care with those who could be thought of as "authorities." If you press as hard as you want to, you likely will encounter resistance from these folks.

Sagittarius: You are probably knee-deep in a project requiring detailed attention or paperwork. Take care that you not exceed the "rules" or the "law," because the probability is that you would be caught. The same holds true concerning excesses on any other level.

Capricorn: This is a week in which you will tend to be thinking obsessively. It is an opportunity to learn how to better control your mind. Shift your attention to something less dramatic, such as whatever is happening this moment, rather than the future.

Aquarius: Short-distance travels are especially favored if you are returning to places you have been in the past. It is also a very good time to review information or topics that you have previously studied.

Pisces: Many of you have "lost" your accustomed relationship or career container during recent months. The experience may feel like total freedom from past rules. On the other hand, some may feel naked as a baby bird and vulnerable. Make an effort to hold your beliefs in the middle between these two extremes.

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