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Horoscope for June 3-9, 2009



Gemini The Twins: (May 20-June 21)

Concentrate carefully on any project requiring calculations and multiple plans. The probability of making an error or accessing inaccurate information is high. After the weekend, pay careful attention to communications and messages.

For All Signs: Mercury, planet of communication and travel, turned direct on May 30. Projects and decisions which have been delayed or set aside can now be resolved and the routine business world will resume its usual hectic pace. Any flaws or problems in previously existing ideas will have been discovered, detours made or road repairs completed, and life traffic returns to normal. (Is there really a normal?)

Aries: You are in a more favorable position with the Powers That Be at this time. You and the authorities can form an alliance that will get things accomplished. It is better not to tell the world about this, lest friends become irritated with your success.

Taurus: This is a week with a positive emphasis on activities related to the law, education, the Internet or travel. The Powers That Be are on your side. Past efforts and maybe a bit of good fortune bring benefits.

Cancer: During this period you may be struggling with two images of relatedness. One is the nurturing, mothering type and the other is more sexual and/or intellectual. Somehow it is a challenge for us to be conscious of both at the same time. The Full Moon doesn't help with its demand for instant answers. Don't act until it feels "right" to you.

Leo: This is a good week to bring fruition to a home improvement project that was conceived in September of 2008. Saturn always gives us what we deserve. So if you have put work and time into your effort, you will be rewarded. If not, you may be hit with a repair for property.

Virgo: You have been steadily working on a new, more stable identity for the last two years. At this time one of your projects is nearly ready for its display. You can see the result of your effort and others will notice it as well. The probability is high that the result is positive, even though it may worry you to a frazzle.

Libra: This is a period in which you will enjoy favors and perhaps small gifts from others. You will sense good energy flowing among family members. The Inner Critic or the Worrier may be nagging at you from behind the scenes. Don't let it ruin an otherwise great week.

Scorpio: After a difficult couple of months you are now beginning a phase of feeling better than ever. Love, romance and social life are improving. During this month any new relationship will likely be long-lasting and stable, with strong trust factors prevailing. You will have good fortune with consultants (i.e. doctors, attorneys, other professionals).

Sagittarius: The Full Moon is exact in your sign on the 7th. Once per year you experience this particular aspect. Generally the time near your full moon represents high energy and activity. You may be involved in a competition of some kind.

Capricorn: Before the weekend you are working like a Trojan toward displaying a long-term project. After the weekend you may kick back and rest on your laurels. The effort will be judged a success. Romance, social life, and play will revive your spirits.

Aquarius: You would be happy to take the first flight to Tahiti and never bat an eye over it. Short of that, you may be taking small mental breaks this week, with lots of daydreaming and drifting. Issues concerning property or family are irritants. They interfere with your woolgathering.

Pisces: This week there are no new aspects related to your sign. You are beginning to conclude a long period of Piscean care-taking, daydreaming and spiritual search. You may have been blending yourself with the soul of the world through the arts and/or concerns for humanity in general.

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