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Horoscope for Feb. 25-March 3, 2009


Pisces The Fish: (Feb. 18-March 19)

Many of you are receiving intuitive insight, having unusual dreams, and/or feeling the need to express your feelings in an art form. This is the time to record any or all of these experiences in a place of safekeeping because down the road you won't truly believe it happened.

For All Signs: Cosmic energies this week give the appearance of peace agreements, constructive discussions, and an overall sense of the power of the Greater Good. Unfortunately, between March 6 and April 17, Venus, goddess of relationship, is going retrograde. Treaties and agreements are historically dropped during her retrograde periods, which occur approximately every 18 months. It is important that we hold an attitude of hope and optimism. People can misbehave and play war but we can hope in the upcoming months that it won't go on forever.

Aries: The devil is in the details, the rules or the whims of fate this week. It is challenging to move forward in a variety of ways. By March 1 you will be talking about the cause of these barriers and finding solutions in a group setting.

Taurus: You are the one behind the scenes who is supporting a grand transition at your place of work. You have the ear of at least one individual at the center of the leadership. You have an opportunity to speak for yourself and for your co-workers early this week.

Gemini: You have more than one opportunity this week to speak out on behalf of what you perceive as morally or ethically incorrect. A warning: If your purpose is to suit your personal ego, don't. It will cause others to turn on you.

Cancer: The new moon in Pisces on the 24th heralds a bit of a breather for the next couple of weeks. Instead of being deep in the emotional fray, you are now in a position of observing the situation. Big decisions have been made. Breathe deeply.

Leo: You have been involved with emotional or physical healing in recent weeks. You may be either the healer or the patient, perhaps both. Reach deeply inside to find that part of yourself that is not the ego with its chattering ways. That part of you is just fine and will hold firm.

Virgo: Your ability to write and speak with precision is now needed for the good of a collective cause. You also have a strong ability to pick up on flaws and errors and this skill, tactfully applied, can assist in grounding others in the task.

Libra: You have an opportunity this week to single out an individual in the group and exchange personal ideas. Perhaps this will help you feel more a part of things. If this "power" is an individual, you can open the door to peace.

Scorpio: You have the voice that is needed to speak up on behalf of those less fortunate, even if this includes yourself. Take special care with the Powers That Be, and do not to tread very far over the boundaries lest they jerk a knot in your tail.

Sagittarius: If you have been channeling your energy into a project that has positive value for many, you may be receiving recognition and applause now. If, instead, you are working on something that is purely to make your ego more shiny, you will find others are fighting you every step of the way.

Capricorn: You may very well be involved in an ambitious project. You must take care with those who could be thought of as "authorities." If you press as hard as you want to, you likely will encounter resistance from these folks.

Aquarius: You are connected to the collective energy in a very powerful way. Now is the time to speak on behalf of those who need a voice. This could be on a grand scale or you may be the voice for people in your neighborhood. If you listen to your heart you will go in the right direction.

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