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Horoscope for Dec. 9-15, 2009



Sagittarius The Archer (Nov. 22-Dec. 20):

This is a particularly favorable time for you to travel. Legal, educational, and publishing interests are given a "go" signal. Your philosophy is a welcome relief wherever you go. People are happy to see you and introduce you to other people who may, in turn, become important in your life.

For All Signs: Hanukkah, for those unfamiliar with the Jewish calendar, falls on Sunday, Dec. 12. Centuries ago, the Jews reclaimed religious freedom from the Assyrians in a battle won on the 25th day of Kislev, the third month of the Jewish calendar year. The people went immediately to rededicate their temple to God. Later an additional meaning was attached to Hanukkah (literally translated from the Hebrew as rededication). All Jewish temples have a lamp that burns eternally, symbolizing God's presence in the world. According to the myth, there was only one day's oil remaining in the temple lamp at the original Hanukkah, but somehow a miracle caused this tiny quantity to last eight days until more oil could be found. Thus we have eight days of Hanukkah. Because the Jewish calendar is based on the lunar cycles, the annual date of Hanukkah varies from year to year on the modern calendar. This holiday is a celebration of the light of the Spirit, burning eternally, throughout even the most dismal hours of trial. Maseltov!

Aries: Your ruling planet, Mars, will be turning retrograde in two weeks. Even now it is slowing its forward motion and you are also. This symbolic change of direction suggests that you need to slow down and think again about your next plan.

Taurus: Venus aspects are highly favorable between you and many people in your life. Venus also represents luxury and those items which lend themselves to luxury. You may be the happy recipient of small gifts and favors.

Gemini: You could be experiencing a quarrel within yourself this week. One Voice tells you to save your money. Another Voice calls you to share your wealth with those who have fewer resources than you.

Cancer: It is possible you will have a sudden change of plans, due to your decision to visit a friend or family member. Or the other may visit you on a sudden whim. Follow your instincts about where you need to be, particularly if that includes a new social situation.

Leo: This is a particularly fine week for the Lions. Relationships, especially to lovers and children, are going smoothly. There are symbols suggesting healing and assistance where rifts may have previously been. There is the possibility of an unplanned expenditure, probably on electrical equipment.

Virgo: Monitor your inner critic this week. A better use of this energy calls for rising above the yada yada of the droning internal voice. Set it aside and realize it is just the ego, trying to trap your attention in a negative place.

Libra: Throughout this month your attention will be drawn to parties in neighboring areas and with those of your usual environment. Although you feel somber, others will appreciate your personality and humor.

Scorpio: It is important to find ways to keep your mind from worrying. This week it appears that you would do well to share your feelings and needs with another. The end result will be a stronger sense of self-worth.

Capricorn: You have a variety of niggling worries concerning financial planning. Some of you may have throat difficulties, which represents tightness and your fear of giving up control. Do what you can to let go of these anxieties.

Aquarius: You have more than one option this week to enjoy various friends and social activities. You might be caught in a quandary. Social life or time alone? Go with the social life because it is upbeat.

Pisces: Your imagination could go overboard this week and you might be overly reactive to imagined slights. Double-check on facts, data, and directions that come your way. Give careful attention to communications and messages.

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